What is Hypnobirthing? Do I need it?

I have been frequently asked this question. Lot of people think I hypnotise women to give birth without knowing! I have lot of skills but this doesn’t exist yet!

I might not be able to make people giving birth without realising it but with hypnobirthing I am able to teach techniques that help to deal with pain and to make people aware of the power of their mind and how to deal with stressful situation.

With the support of hypnobirthing you will be prepared:

· to make informed choices

· to learn breathing and massage techniques to use during labour and birth

· to deal with medical staff

· to increase your knowledge and awareness

· to change your negative thoughts in positive thoughts

· and lot of more….

So let’s see bit in more depth what are the benefits for mum, dad and baby.

What are the benefits for Mum?

Every time the mum practises hypnobirthing techniques she will let go and release allowing her body to give birth more naturally, comfortably and easily. By the time she will have to give birth, she will be able to let of all the stresses which will activate easily the parasympathetic system. She will learn breathing techniques and different practices that she can use during pregnancy and birth.

What are the benefits for Dad?

He will understand his role and he will learn how to support his partner. During pregnancy, with the script practice, he will allow the mum to get used to his touch and his voice that will lead to deeper relaxation during labour and birth. He will identify himself with the role of protector as he will be able to ask questions and be the connection between his partner and medical staff. He will reduce his stress that will lead to the release of the right hormones for him and for the mother therefore this allows the mother to feel more relaxed and protected.

The couple will learn to make inform and responsible choices and where to get information and who to ask for advice and support.

What are the benefits for Baby?

Throughout pregnancy the bond of mother and child has already started. The baby will feel the love from the parents and will get used to hear their voices. Reducing the mother stress level also will reduce complications during pregnancy and birth. During labour the baby will gently breathe out from the birth canal and will have a gentle appearance to the world.

Do you need it? If you want to create a nice and calm environment for your pregnancy and birth Hypnobirthing is an amazing tool to have!

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