How to reduced the risk of cot death? 8 things that you should be aware!

Updated: Nov 4, 2018

Here is a subject that a lot of people don’t want to talk about too much as make everybody scared. This is a reason why we have to talk about it. We need to be aware that there is a risk that a baby can die in the cot and what we can do to reduce the risk for it to happen.

You need to be aware that even few little things can save your baby life. Don’t worry; they will all get natural after few times you start to do them.

So let’s have a look on what you can do on your day to day life to prevent cot death:

1. Place your baby on the back to sleep from the very beginning for both day and night sleep. Healthy babies placed on their back are NOT more likely to choke. Babies are clever creature. If the need to vomit they turn their head and vomit and get back to the previous position. If they are flat on their tummy or on the side they can’t turn on any other position and the can choke.

Therefore it is also important to leave the blanket loose and not too tight so the baby can move!

2. The safest place for your baby to sleep is in a cot in a room with you for the first six months. Indeed if the baby sleeps in bed with you there is a risk that you might roll over in your sleep and suffocate your baby, or that your baby could get caught between the wall and the bed, or could roll out of the bed and be injured.

3. Do not share a bed with your baby if you or your partner are a smoker , have recently drunk alcohol, have taken medication or drugs to make you sleep more heavily, feel very tired.

4. Never sleep with a baby on a sofa or armchair. It is lovely to have your baby with you for a cuddle or a feed but it’s safest to put your baby back in their cot before you go to sleep.

5. Do not let your baby get too hot. Babies do not need hot room, all night heating is rarely necessary. Usually around 18 degrees is comfortable. If your baby is sweating or their tummy feels hot to the touch take of some of the bedding. Don’t worry if your baby’s hand or feet feel cool, this is normal.

6. Keep your baby’s head uncovered and place your baby in the “feet to foot” position” (baby feet at the end of the cot so if the baby moves will not injure is head on the top of the cot).

7. Breastfeeding your baby reduce the risk of cot death. Breast milk gives babies all the nutrients they need for the first six months of life and protect them for infection.

8. If your baby is unwell seek medical advice promptly.

These are all good advices but always remember: YOU are the parent, YOU know your baby therefore follow your good instinct!

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